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The year,1958.Hard times, alcoholic father. The wonderful mother who is trying to hold the family together .Three hungry deprived kids and their pet dog.
Mum sends all three kids plus doggie on an errand to the local shops one Sunday lunch time, but Brian, losing track of time takes his younger sisters, Brenda and Eileen into the industrial estate .and they end up heading for trouble in one of lifes great adventures.
Upset mother,missing dog,drunk father and the police
World Premiere Brisbane City 8th Nov 2017.




               Martin Family

Milly Walton      as        Eileen               Charlotte Mcleod         as         Brenda

Callum Aston   as         Brian                  Rebecca Bradley         as         Daphne

David Nicoll      as         Bert                   Caesar                      as         Caesar


Flynn Smith       as         Stanley             Shaun Rosney   as         Shaun

Joseph Peardon  as         Joseph              Kate Rosney     as         Kate

Cadence Parks    as         Cadence           Jessica Christie as         Jessica

    Abbie Gommers  as         Abbie               Kylie Macindoe    as         Adult Eileen

Howard M Jones as         Policeman         Angelo Co Co     as         Shop Keeper

Kay Lyons         as         Mrs Hamilton     Robert Nystrom  as         2nd Shopkeeper

Bill Krause        as         2nd Policeman   Hazel Mellor        as         Mrs Copesteak


Brian Lee Watson       Writer/Director       Anne Mcindoe                A/D

Kareem Anti              DOP/Camera          Ray Lawlis                     Camera

Graham Johnson         A/C                      Robert Nystrom              Sound                  

Brenda Cleere            Set Designer          Bettina Westaway          Wrangler

Brenda Johnston        Costumes/wardrobe

Krystle Choma           Hair and Makeup    John Briskey                  Script Editor

Watson Films              Editor / Colorist                      

Denise Toovy             Catering               Sue Briskey                    Catering



All the Mums and Dads

The Classic Car Owners Club; Bill Krause  FE Holden,  Ray Styles  Morris 8 and Morris Oxford,    Derek Potts  FX Holden, Sean Moloney  Austin A40 Ute.

Viv Connelly  George Kimmett  Keith Bartlett    


Brisbane City Council  Moreton Bay City council  Screen Act Australia