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      Spend some time with me and wander thru my pages. Click on my music menus and  listen to my songs. Have a look at my lyrics page....enjoy my website.    I live in the beautiful state of Queensland, Australia. I love writing and performing  my own songs and all of my songs have a story to tell...I love playing with a hot band or a full Orchestra but there is something special  about a man, his guitar and harp in front of an attentative audience performing songs that come from the heart and soul.  My passion for  writing and directing films is another creative energy that's near and dear to me  ..Thank you for visiting me........Love, peace and happiness...



Sixty Six Pounds Eleven and Tuppence Premiere and

Mabels Surprise Premiere photos here


  Film News >>>>>Mabel's Surprise. Filmed on Black Magic Cameras

Sixty Six Pounds Eleven and Tuppence


Pre production on this Crazy Australian film

And pre production on Frankie and Jack



Congratulations on a great performance! The whole show was great. We all had a lovely night

Hi Brian, Congrats for the great concert last night!

Did you have fun? We sure did.Luke

Kim had a great voice Show was excellent, loved the violinist.Erica

It was a fantastic performance. Well done.

Wow, what a hoot the show was. John

Very entertaining and a fun night

Big Thanks to Greg and Loretta Dries




<<<<play "TAKE ME HOME"  # 22 on the American midnite blues radio network top 50,2009.....also  "Fire on the Mountain" # 31, 2009

"BACK SLIDING BABY" # 8 Triple j unearthed dance chart

"HARD PRESSED" # 13 Triple j unearthed dance chart

Most popular song (by highest chart position achieved): Daphne (Instrumental)

 (Position: 26 on the Luxembourg Jazz Music Chart on 25 August, 2010)

Most popular song (by number of chart appearances): Daphne (Instrumental) (7 total chart appearances)



                                               Please Santa .... Can i Have a New Fender Stratocaster



                       <>SONGCAST REVIEW // Wednesday, Mar 12, 2008
BRIAN LEE WATSON has a rare musical talent to entertain and relax...once you listen to his tunes, you can't get enough of his haunting voice, catchy, imaginative melody and simply lovely lyrics...10/10 any day!!!







Ray Lawlis

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Two songs accepted

for catapult

"Back sliding baby"

"hard pressed"

#8 and #13 Triple j

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